The Meteoric Rise of Online Gaming

Online gaming has plenty of appeal to the masses. Whether you have a console, PC or smartphone, it’s never been easier to join the millions of gamers who spend their time playing their favourite games online. It is the fastest growing sector in the global gaming market, generating billions of dollars in revenue each year, which gives you some indication of just how popular this pastime has become.

Online Gaming Keeps Getting Better and Better

In the digital landscape of online gaming, the sheer variety and volume of games on offer is astounding. The information available is also incredible and you can learn everything from the rules of blackjack to how to improve your Sudoku score. As such, game developers have little choice but to push the limits in terms of delivering a high quality product that makes use of the latest software, sound, 3D graphics and animation. It’s never been a better time to be an online gamer. Online gaming has enabled gamers to connect and interact with people from across the globe over a shared interest, creating invested communities, legions of fans and even subcultures. Continuous improvements, patches and updates of existing online games with significant user bases are expected, and new content continues to be developed and released in order to maintain their interest, as well as to attract new users.

Types of Online Games

All online games fit into one of two categories, namely multiplayer games and social games.

Multiplayer games which include Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games (MOBA) are incredibly popular, with certain game titles boasting an active monthly user base of over 100 million players. League of Legends, DotA 2 and World of Warcraft dominate this category and even boast strong competitive scenes with international tournaments that sport multi-million dollar prize pools.

For those gamers who aren’t interested in role-playing and turn-based strategy online games, social gaming provides a great alternative. This category of online games is dominated by online casinos, sports betting sites and online lotteries. Unlike most multiplayer games that require pre-installation on a network-enabled PC or gaming console, social games can be played online by simply registering a user account. Here, it’s all about convenience and accessibility.

Devices keep getting smarter and with the advancement of technology, most people have unfettered access to fast and reliable Internet access right in the palm of their hands. This means that you can play a few rounds of online poker during your daily commute to work, or perhaps check the odds for an upcoming match and place a bet on your favourite sports team while you’re waiting for next appointment. You can enjoy retro style games online too, and play old favourites in a more modern way.

Global Gaming Platform

One of the most appealing aspects of online gaming is that they provide players with a digital platform where they get to compete or interact with other players from around the world, over a single game. In today’s world, more and more people are using the Internet as their main means to connect and engage with people. It’s this interaction that makes online gaming unique, offering players an opportunity to connect, socialize and share their experiences with other players who share their interest in the game.

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